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Last Updated: Friday September 19 2008 14:45 GMT

'Unlucky' rare black fox spotted

A general pic of a red fox

Chances are you've seen a fox with a red bushy tail before, but have you ever seen a BLACK one?

Probably not, because they're extremely rare, but one's been spotted creeping around a graveyard in the north west of England.

The creatures are supposed to bring bad luck to anyone who sees them, but Kevin Hehir, who saw the animal, isn't worried.

He said he gets bad luck anyway - so it won't make any difference!

In old tales, the fox is said to be as black as night so it can live in a man's shadow and never be seen.

A wildlife expert said the creatures are known as silver foxes, and used to be bred for their fur.

Mr Hehir is worried for the animal's safety, and doesn't want anyone to know exactly where he saw it.

He said a man who stuffs animals for a living had already offered him 1,000 to tell him where he saw it.