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Last Updated: Friday September 19 2008 12:37 GMT

Junk food TV ad ban 'not working'

Junk food

New rules introduced to stop you seeing adverts for junk food on TV aren't working, according to researchers.

Adverts for foods high in fat, salt and sugar were axed from kids' TV shows in January, to try to make you healthier by eating and drinking less junk.

But the rules don't cover lots of other shows you like watching, so loads of you are seeing the ads anyway.

Researchers from a group called Which?, said the ban only applied to four of the top 20 shows watched by children.

That's because of the way Ofcom, who make rules about what's shown on TV, decide which programmes the ban applies to.

They work it out based on how big a part of the audience is made up of children, instead of the actual numbers of kids watching.


It means shows like The Simpsons ARE covered by the ban, but other shows you love where most of the audiences are adults, like Animals Do The Funniest Things and soap operas AREN'T.

Which? say for the system to work properly they have to apply to the programmes children watch in the greatest numbers.

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