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Last Updated: Thursday September 25 2008 09:37 GMT

Do TV ads make you hungry for junk food?


A ban on showing children TV adverts for junk food isn't working, according to researchers.

The new rules were introduced at the beginning of the year to try to get you to eat more healthily, but they don't apply to loads of other shows you like to watch.

That means you're still seeing loads of ads for stuff like snacks, sweets and fizzy drinks. But does it matter?

Had you even noticed the ads had disappeared from kids' shows?

Does seeing junk food on TV make you want to eat it more? Or do you make your own decisions about what to eat?

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Your Comments

"Sometimes, but that is because they make them look delicious and not fattening on TV!"

Laura, 13, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

"It makes me hungry. They make it seem so yummy, but never add how bad it is for you."

Sammy, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"It just makes kids want to eat more junk food because it is reminding them about junk food."

Katie, 10 Norwich, England

"The ban isn't doing anything because if people love a certain junk food then when they're hungry they're just going to eat the food that they love."

Daniel, 12, Cheshire, England

"Ads for chocolate and fizzy pop do sometimes make me feel hungry, but I'm not tempted to go and get any of the products from a shop."

Rhianna, 10, Preston, England

"Looking at the picture at the top makes me hungry."

Emily, 11, Bristol, England

"Junk food makes me hungry when I see it because it looks really appetising but I don't go and buy it."

Dorcas, 11, London, England

"It makes me feel hungry and I want to buy it because it's yummy!"

Beth, 11, Northampton, England

"They don't affect me at all. But some people will be affected and it could contribute to the obesity problem."

Emma, 12, Lewes, England

"I think children should be allowed to view the adverts because we have a choice of what we want to eat, there are adverts for healthy foods, and for junk food so you have a choice."

Anthony, 10, Motherwell, Scotland

"No! not at all. But I do think they should stop putting them on the TV."

Abbie, 11, Merseyside, England

"It doesn't matter about junk food adverts because it will be your choice if you want to buy it or not. If I see a junk food advert, it doesn't really affect me."

Gurprit, 13, Birmingham, England

"Yeah, they just have to ban all junk food adds then everyone might eat healthier."

Sophie, 12, Devon, England

"I think it does sometimes."

Alex, 10, Kettering, England

"It doesn't really matter because unless you're obese, a little won't hurt anyone!"

Hannah, 12, Falmouth, England

"This is ridiculous. And I think that this is at the end of the day either the parents' or the kids' choice if they would like to buy them. Besides it's not going to stop people from buying them."

Samuel, 14, Paignton, England

"When I see fast food adverts they make me want to go to go and eat them straight away."

Robert, 12 Lichfield, England

"Banning junk food adverts on kids shows is stupid because you still get told about junk food, even if it is not on TV. I love eating healthy food just as much as junk food."

Hollie, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"It doesn't really affect me. I hate junk food and I don't really notice the adverts for chocolate and fizzy drinks to be honest. I prefer fruit to sweets any day!"

Heather, 13, Stourbridge, England

"I heard they were supposed to take food adverts off kids' TV, but I still see them all the time. How come? I don't get hungry though because fatty and sugary stuff tastes bad and makes me feel sick."

Lalitha, 11, London, England

"No, not really. I think it is your decision if you want to go and buy something. I personally don't find adverts interesting and I turn to another channel that isn't showing an advert at that time."

Sophia, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"I eat whatever, whenever, but my mum usually makes me eat some fruit at some point. I'm a vegetarian and I don't like sweets, so junk food ads aren't really a problem for me."

Tina, 13, Manchester, England

"I think that TV ads for junk food are wrong, because they make the food look better than it is. Then when you go to buy the food, it's not as good as you think."

Emma, 11, Derby, England

"I think that TV junk food ads are good because if you wanted to buy some sweets they would be on the TV."

Charlie, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"Honestly, I didn't really notice that the adverts had gone. So that just proves that taking adverts away from the TV doesn't make a difference!!! :)"

Sian, 12, Burgess Hill, England

"When junk food is on the TV it makes children want it all the time and it makes children fatter."

Spencer, 9, Bristol, England

"It makes me feel really hungry, but luckily it's always at tea-time."

Sophie, 12, Clevedon, England

"Well, it really depends. If I've just had a meal it doesn't make me so hungry, if I'm unwell it makes me sick. Besides, I play video games more than watching TV."

Julia, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"Sometimes they really make me really hungry. But sometimes they make me feel SICK! Anyway, I have a balanced diet and do sports so it wouldn't matter anyway."

Georgia, 11, Cambridge, England

"Sometimes they make me hungry, but I'm not the biggest fan of fast food."

Lewis, 10, Livingston, Scotland

"I don't get all the fuss about TV ads for junk food. We should be allowed to live our lives as we are."

Emma, 12, Gateshead, England

"They don't exactly make me hungry, they just remind me that I was already hungry!"

Louise, 12, Woking, England

I don't really take notice of ads, but sometimes they make me hungry, especially just before lunch!

Blue, 12, Northumberland, England

"It doesn't affect me as much, but my brother just keeps bugging my mum for more junk food when he sees an advert like that."

Caroline, 13, Chatham, England

"It's really bad for younger children to see adverts because it puts ideas in their heads and it's not suitable for their age range."

Claire, 13, Bristol, England

"Yep! They make my mouth all watery!"

Fatema, 11, Plaistow, England

"I think they should stop adverts on television about food because some people can't afford food and so it teases them. Also, it makes me hungry!"

Chelsea, 13, Leicester, England

"No it doesn't. Because my mum is a cook, she educates me and my sister from eating junk food. I have sweets every Friday, but eat them after my tea and after the sweets I have a piece of fruit. I think that TV ads do make children want to eat junk food but not me!!"

Megan, 10, Tonypandy, Wales

"TV ads don't make me hungry! Just because it looks nice doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy it there and then!!! If I was going to buy a chocolate bar on a day out then I might buy the one on TV, but what's the big deal!!!!!!!!!!!"

Drew, 12, Essex, England

"Sometimes, it depends on what sort of junk food it is, but it's when I see other people eating it... That's when it makes me hungry."

Louise, 11, Wokingham, England

"If I'm not hungry then no, but if it's 1pm and I have not had lunch yet, then yeah."

Elizabeth, 11, London, England

"I hadn't even noticed that the ads were gone! I tend to fast-foward breaks anyway, but I don't think not showing them will stop kids eating them!"

Ellie, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"No. I never get hungry because I don't eat fatty foods."

Maleehah, 11, Darlaston, West Midlands

"It sometimes makes me hungry in the evening, but during the day I'm doing sports."

McKenzie, 11, Walton, England

"I don't really mind because I don't really eat junk food!"

Nafisa, 9, London, England

"I think it's unfair, but no more unfair than advertising "value" food items."

Josh, 11, Bognor, England

"I love sweets and junk like all kids. As long as you don't eat too much it's fine. Banning ads does not work because we see junk food ads in shops and loads of places, not only TV."

Dom, 8, Leeds, England

"Sometimes they make me hungry, but most of the time I don't watch TV, I play sports."

Hollie, 11, Preston, England

"Sometimes, but then that's the whole point."

Lottie, 11, Plymouth, England

"Whenever I see adverts of any food it always makes me hungry."

Lucy, 10, Manchester, England

"Junk foods are not good and I am very well aware of it so the ads don't make me hungry."

Nandita, 11, Dubai

"Sometimes they make me hungry, but most of the time I don't watch telly, I go out and do sports."

Rebecca, 11, Manchester, England

"Yes! Especially when I'm fasting!"

Fatema, 11, Plaistow, England

"I never even knew that the adverts had gone. So I think that proves enough to show that taking junk food adverts off the TV is a useless idea."

Saba, 13, Buckinghamshire, England

"I hadn't even noticed that they'd stopped showing them. The ads don't interest me and I don't pay any attention to them."

Claire, 11, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"Seeing the adverts can make me hungry, but I don't like junk food much."

Lucy, 10, Dunblane, Scotland

"Those adverts do make me hungry now you mention it, but I didn't notice they were gone. It's a good idea though..."

Francesca, 12, Stellenbosch, South Africa

"NO. It puts me off eating it."

Claire, 12, Northern Ireland

"Yes, the ads of junk food persuade you to buy them. They make them so mouth-watering you have to go eat it."

Rehana, 13, London, England

"No. If I'm out I eat junk sometimes, but ads make no difference."

Demi, 13, London, England

"I don't get why you people are banning them from kid channels. People advertise clothes and things and you can't the things that you always want either right? So you are not likely to get it."

Hayley, 11, San Francisco, America

"Yeah, they make me hungry for that food, but I know when to limit myself."

Kendra, 14, New York, America

"I haven't noticed that they have stopped showing junk food ads, but I agree they should stop. It's a temptation."

India, 12, Dorset, England

"It is tempting when you see a chocolate bar or sweet that has just been advertised on the TV, to go and eat one from the cupboard. Sometimes I do go and eat one, sometimes I don't."

Ami, 11, Southampton, England

"Yes, they do make me want to eat that particular junk food. However, I know that I at least need to keep my diet balanced, so if I have some chips, I will then have some fruit and veg that day to make up for it!"

Lucy, 11, London, England

"I think they shouldn't put them on TV, because they're very unhealthy. I think they should put more healthy foods on TV."

Hayley, 9-and-a-half, Rochdale, England

"It makes me feel really hungry so I pester my mum to buy it."

Guy, 9, Matlock, England

"I feel starving when I see them. Especially when they do burgers with gravy and chips! Yum."

Anna, 11, London, England

"The adverts make the food look really nice, but they aren't usually as nice as they look."

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"I think that all this healthy eating is rubbish. We should be allowed to eat what we want."

Connor, 13, Chard, England

"Junk food adverts don't make me hungry. I will only buy sweets if I want to."

Cearan, 7, Westbourne, England

"Yes, they make me very hungry. But what's the point in banning the adverts? It won't stop kids from eating junk food. Money should stop being spent on getting rid of adverts and introducing new schemes to help us eat healthily, they just don't work!!! They are pointless and a load of rubbish. Use the money for something useful, such as education and hospitals."

Laura, 13, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"I don't watch kids shows. And even if I did, I fast-forward through the ads."

Millie, 13, Wolverhampton, England

"I'm afraid it does sometimes, especially burgers, but not chocolate."

Michelle, 10, Reading, England

"It doesn't make me hungry at all but I still think it is bad to show it as kids like me go nagging their parents and my friend is fasting so it is unfair for her - she just wants to eat it!!!"

Charis, 10, Birmingham, England

"Food ads make me really hungry."

Ellen, 8, Kent, England

"No... It makes me get put off them and I know most of my mates get put off by them too. It all looks disgusting anyway and not many people actually get hungry for it."

Emily, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Come on!!!!!!!!!! Just because it's unhealthy it doesn't mean that everybody buys it as soon as they see it."

Asare, 9, Birmingham, England

"Yes, adverts make me hungry but it doesn't make me go and buy the product."

Kate, 13, Liverpool, England

"I'm not really fussed about the ban on junk food adverts because it's all the shelves in shops that make you want them. Therefore the government should put prices up and have the junk food under shop counters."

Jack, 12, Elgin, Scotland

"Yeah! I love them. They make my mouth water! I am usually the first person to go out and buy them! My mum is insisting on a sugar ban for me now!"

Asad, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"They make me hungry for it when they make it so mouth-watering and so luxurious."

Natalie, 12, Yorkshire, England

"They stopped showing junk food adverts on kids programmes...? That's news to me."

Rebecca, 13, Kent, England

"Yes, but I normally don't get the things I see on the TV, my dad just got rid of our TV."

Georgie, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I don't think the ads make a difference. Maybe for young kids."

Cally, 13, King's Lynn, England

"Yes!!!!!!!!!!! They show really delicious food and it's not fair because I can't eat it because I am fasting."

Rabiat, 11, Cumbria, England

"No I hardly ever eat junk food, I love healthy stuff. I'm eating celery right now :)"

Sarah, 13, Worthing, England

"They sometimes do, but I don't eat it. I don't understand though, there are still loads of ads for sugary cereals. Even though they are showing the healthier food, when you get there you are more likely to choose unhealthier options."

Kathryn, 12, Stevenage, England

"No, they won't make any difference to me!"

Jonny, 12, Leicester, England

"They don't really affect me at all. If they want kids to stop eating junk food then they will have to come up with a better plan than that. Personally, I don't watch children's TV programmes, so therefore I still watch all these adverts."

Lizzie, 12, Birmingham, England

"Yes! My mouth waters, I love junk food! Though I love healthy food too!"

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"I never get hungry for junk on TV because I know what it is and I am aware of it."

Tasniah, 12, England

"Well, I don't think it makes a difference. Yes, I get hungry when see junk food advertised, but my mom chooses what I eat."

Rachel, 12, West Midlands, England

"It doesn't make me hungry for food because I have noticed that the TV adverts were gone. Sometimes I make my own decisions what to eat."

Catherine, 15, Crawley, England

"Yes, because when I see something I have to eat it!"

James, 14, Grimsby, England

"I haven't noticed that the adverts have gone, but I'm not really into junk food, I love proper dinners like a roast about 2 times a month, lentils, casserole, really healthy and good food. Junk food like McDonalds and KFC are OK for people if they have it as a treat once or twice a month, but there are some people that have it two or three times a week!!"

Ashleigh, 13, Spain

"It's what it tastes like that makes you want it."

Euan, 13, Wigton, England

"Yes especially fast food, u know I can just eat eat eat..."

Samson, 13, Bradford, England

"Sometimes but it depends on what type of advert of food it is. But mostly if it's fast food then yes."

Chris, 13, Cheshire, England

"I think it does because I see mouth-smacking food and I just want it!"

Humayra, Bradford, England

"No, I love healthy food instead of junk. I eat Special K peach and apricot bars and nutrigrain bars. They don't make me hungry for junk food."

Jane, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I haven't noticed that the adverts have gone, although I watch a lot of shows for older people. And so do a lot of my friends, and there are fast food adverts on there, so taking the ads out of children's TV hasn't really done a lot to be honest."

Emily, 12, Nottingham, England

"To be honest, I hadn't noticed the adverts had gone! They don't really persuade me to buy sweets or junk food, because I don't get swayed by advertising. This ban is pointless - and anyway, shouldn't we all be allowed to make our own choices in life?"

Maddi, 14, Gwynedd, Wales

"Yes when you look at it but it's not really good for you."

Melissa, 13, Swansea, Wales

"The junk food adverts have gone? I didn't notice! I still see loads of junk food ads on TV!"

Toni, 14, Lincoln, England