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Last Updated: Friday September 19 2008 06:21 GMT

Maths lessons 'not good enough'

Girl doing maths

If you're not a fan of numeracy lessons, you're not alone.

School inspectors say half the maths lessons being taught in England aren't up to scratch.

They found loads of you are only being taught how to pass tests, instead of making sure you really understand the subject.

Primary schools are doing better than secondary schools, but inspectors say more should be done to make sure you're confident using maths in everyday life.

Chief inspector Christine Gilbert said the way maths was taught could make a huge difference to your interest in the subject.

Pupils at one secondary school seemed to agree, as one boy said: "It gets boring, then I start talking to people and then I get detention."

Meanwhile, the government says it's spending 140 million to improve maths teaching in England.