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Last Updated: Wednesday September 17 2008 17:12 GMT

School teaches kids to be happy

Ore in a classroom

How happy are you? Well, it seems compared to lots of other countries, kids in Britain aren't that positive about life.

But things could be about change, because schools are starting to introduce lessons to make everyone feel a bit more confident.

Newsround's Ore went to a school in Hertfordshire in the east of England, where kids have been learning how to be happy...

I thought I'd finished school quite a while ago, but I was quite happy to get back in the classroom and do some more learning.

Ore in class
But this time, I wasn't back to learn just English and Maths.

I'd come to a school that has lessons to teach kids to think positively.

At the moment, there are about 20 schools around the UK that are teaching these classes, and if they think it works we might see them started up in a lot more schools.

Ore in class
The lessons use exercises, group tasks, role plays and other games in pretend situations, to try and help the kids work out how they might deal with them if those situations actually happened to them.

We had to think quite hard to solve these problems, and the whole class found that it felt pretty good to work out the best way of dealing with a possible real life situation.

Ore in a classroom
The kids seemed to enjoy the different style of teaching, and if it means that learning about these new attitudes helped them feel more positive about life, then some of you may be learning about them soon too.