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Last Updated: Wednesday September 17 2008 12:54 GMT

New school desks of the future

A school boy tries out one of the interactive desks

Tatty old desks covered in graffiti and old gum could soon be a thing of the past after the invention of fancy new interactive desks for schools.

The hi-tech desks have been designed by experts at Durham University to help you get more involved in your lessons.

They have touch screens, and can act as a computer for one person to use or a big screen for lots of you to work on.

But the new stuff isn't just for pupils - a teacher's console lets them set you work AND check up on how you're doing.

Pupils trying out the interactive desks
Several people can work on one desk at the same time
Dr Liz Burd, who led the project to create the new desks, said she hoped every school desk would be interactive within 10 years.

And she suggested the new technology could even mean the end of books in the classroom.

"It's definitely a possibility," she said. "There are so many electronic books available today, that potentially, if a teacher wants pupils to read out loud, for example, she could just send a copy of the book to the right desk."