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Last Updated: Wednesday September 17 2008 04:31 GMT

Why I sold my favourite computer games

Press Packer Bethany

Press Packer Bethany loves gymnastics.

She's even sold some of her favourite things to raise money to go to a gymnastics competition in Germany.

Here's her story.

"My favourite sport is gymnastics. I train at my gymnastics club five times a week and I love it, I never get bored.

We focus mainly on tumbling and acrobatics and I've been doing gymnastics since I was seven.

In October this year I am going to Germany for a competition called the Gutenberg Cup, this will be my first international competition.

There are six gymnasts going, me and my partner and two other pairs.

Jewellery and games

The trip is going to cost me about 300 including accommodation, flight, entry and new kit.

Press Packer Bethany
I wanted to do something myself to help to raise the money, so I had a jumble sale at my granddad's flat and sold some of my old clothes, toys, jewellery and DVDs.

I also chose to sell my favourite DS games. In total I raised just under 100.


I've loved watching the Olympics, it was great for Louis Smith, the first British medal for 80 years.

I was disappointed for Beth Tweddle though and I definitely think Becky Downie is one to watch in 2012. It would be hard for me to say who inspired me most.

If you were thinking of giving gymnastics a go, just do it, you'll love it."

Bethany, 12, Leicestershire

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