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Last Updated: Tuesday September 16 2008 06:46 GMT

In pictures: Shocking art smashes records

Damien Hirst with his painting Beautiful Atomic Collision of Flames: Force of Nature Painting

British artist Damien Hirst has raised a record-breaking 70 million by selling off loads of his artwork at auction - and he's not finished yet.

The auction catalogue showing which artworks are up for grabs

He's got loads more pieces up for sale on Tuesday and experts reckon the whole sale could raise more than 100 million - the most for any sale dedicated to one artist.

A man looking at Damien Hirst's artwork "The Golden Calf"

Some of his most famous artworks feature dead animals preserved in glass cases of chemicals, like this bull in a tank of formaldehyde which sold for a staggering 10.34 million!

Damien Hirst in front of one of his artworks, The Incredible Journey

But you'd need a pretty big house to find room for this massive piece, called The Incredible Journey.

Auctioneers placing telephone bids for people during the auction

It's really unusual for an artist to sell their own work at auction and people from all over the world have been bidding to get their hands on a Damien Hirst original.

Damien Hirst's "The Kingdom" features a shark in the chemical formaldehyde

He's one of the world's most famous living artists and described the auction as "probably the most amazing show I've put on".

"New Midas' Lie" is one of the artworks up for grabs at the autcion

But if dead animals aren't really your thing, how about a piece featuring butterflies and diamonds? This is called New Midas' Lie and sold for a whopping 993,250.