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Last Updated: Tuesday September 16 2008 05:00 GMT

Town starts printing its own cash

Lewes and a girl holding a Lewes pound

Ever wished you could print your own money to buy whatever you wanted in the shops? Well, that's what people in a town in the east of England are doing.

They're printing notes called Lewes pounds, which are named after the town.

But they can ONLY be spent in Lewes' local shops - and not in big chain stores.

The idea is that if people spend money in shops owned by people who live in the town, the people in the area will make more money and have a better life.

It's early days, so no-one knows yet if the idea is working.

Lewes pound
The notes are called Lewes pounds
Young people in the town said they think it's a good idea, because it keeps money in the town, and makes it special.

But because the notes are so unusual, some people are selling them on the internet, and others are keeping them as souvenirs!