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Last Updated: Monday September 15 2008 17:21 GMT

Crackdown on bullies over glasses

Girl trying on glasses

Kids who wear glasses have been picked on or called nasty names, like speccy four-eyes, for years.

Now new research has found some of you have even skipped school to avoid being bullied because you need to wear specs.

But with loads of cool glasses on the streets and celebs like Britney and David Tennant proudly sporting specs, experts say the bullying must stop.

They say the message if you wear glasses is to be loud and proud about your specs.

But it's not just about looking cool.

Wearing glasses is really important as opticians say not wearing them could damage your eyes even more.

Newsround's Ricky asked some kids what they think about wearing glasses...


Franchesca said: "I've never been bullied, and I don't think any of my friends have."

When Amaya first got glasses, she was worried people would bully her. "I was very self-conscious about it and I thought, OK, this isn't going to work," she explained.

"But now I'm very comfortable with it."


Marrick said people who don't wear glasses wish they could - so he thinks HE'S the lucky one!