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Last Updated: Tuesday September 16 2008 04:45 GMT

My school day now starts earlier

Press Packer Lucy

Press Packer Lucy's school has started using a different timetable. This means that pupils start school earlier but finish earlier too!

Here's what Lucy thinks about her new school hours.

"My school is one of the schools which starts at 8.10am and finishes at 2.10pm.

I think that starting school earlier is much better than starting at 9.00am because you're much more alert in the mornings.

Then I can either go home at 2.10pm or stay at school to go to one of the many after-school activities.

These include origami, sports, singing, rock bands, golf and swimming.

Lots of choices

It's good because the clubs offer a variety of different activities that you may not have tried before.

If you want a space to do homework, want a place to relax, or go on a computer, the library is always open until 5.30pm. And the homework club is always there to help you if you need it!

Not waiting around

I don't really struggle with getting up earlier. If I go to bed at around 9pm it gives me enough energy for the next day.

During the day we have two 20 minute breaks compared to an hour's lunch that other schools have. I think it is enough time to eat your lunch without having to wait around for half an hour to go back to class. The day just seems to go much quicker.

Different but better

I think this new school timetable seems better in all aspects of learning. No-one wants to spend a lot of time at school, but everyone needs to learn - and this timetable does exactly both!

My school day is different and I think certainly better."

Lucy, 11, Essex

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