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Last Updated: Saturday September 13 2008 11:37 GMT

Stranded tourists returning to UK

XL planes at Manchester Airport

Passengers who were stranded abroad after the company they booked a holiday with ran out of money have started arriving back in the UK.

Around 90,000 people were thought to have been stuck without a flight home after the company, called XL, went out of business on Friday.

Lots of airlines are now scrambling planes from other places to help get the passengers home.

After XL's 21 planes were grounded, thousands had to cancel travel plans.

Some will have lost money

An airport in Tenerife
These holiday makers are in Tenerife. They are searching for flights home after XL went bust.

As well as those already abroad, around 200,000 people had holidays booked with XL in the coming months.

None of those holidays will now take place, leaving people needing to make new travel arrangements.

Some of them will get their money back, but others won't see a penny of the thousands of pounds they have spent.