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Last Updated: Saturday September 13 2008 10:58 GMT

Hurricane Ike hits Texas coast

Trees battered by the storm

Hurricane Ike has slammed into Texas where it's caused serious flooding and damage to the area.

The centre of the storm hit the town of Galviston late on Friday night local time, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

But officials are worried that up to 23,000 residents have ignored orders to evacuate the area, deciding to stay put and see out the storm.

Power supplies have been cut a number of houses are reported to be on fire.

Authorities have also introduced an overnight curfew, ordering people to stay indoors until it gets light again in the morning when emergency workers can start work again.


Flooded road
Flooded road

On Friday President Bush declared a state of emergency in Texas, and people are being asked to leave their homes.

Hurricane Ike has already killed more than 70 people in the Caribbean and caused loads of damage.

Nearly 800,000 people are in temporary shelters in Haiti, which has been hit by four tropical storms in three weeks.