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Last Updated: Friday September 12 2008 10:53 GMT

Ricky tries out new gaming gadget

Ricky tries out the NeuroSky game and headset

Loads of you are fast-fingered on your games consoles, but now an American company's come up with a new way of playing them - using the power of your mind!

Ricky went along to the Coventry University Technology Park to try it out for himself.

"I love anything to do with technology and gadgets, so you can imagine how excited I was when I was told about this story!

I got the chance to try out a new type of video game that works alongside a futuristic device called the NeuroSky.

Ricky wearing the NeuroSky headset
Ricky modelling the NeuroSky headset
The NeuroSky is a headset with three sensors attached to it, two are placed just behind your ears and one in the centre of your forehead.

Don't worry, these sensors aren't dangerous in any way, they simply detect activity in your brain and monitor how active your mind is!

I have to admit, I did look a bit like a geek with the equipment on my head, but let me explain a little bit more about how it works.


Once you put the headset on you have to connect it to a computer. At the moment the headset only reads two signals: those that help you pay attention and the ones that make you relax.

Ricky using the NueroSky headset and game
You have to concentrate really hard to get your character to move things about
The sensors in the headset detect electrical signals in the brain and change them into computer signals!

It all sounds way too scientific for me, but it was really good fun. Once the headset is reading your brain, the computer game is ready to start.

In the virtual world, you can pick up objects and throw things around, all with the power of your mind. The more you concentrate, the more points your character gets.

Early days

Sometimes the video game didn't actually work even though I was concentrating really hard, but the experts told me that this type of gaming is still in the early stages and needs to be developed further.

Who knows how we might be playing video games in the near future?"