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Last Updated: Friday September 12 2008 08:25 GMT

Woods wins bronze in race re-run

Shelly Woods

British Paralympian Shelly Woods has won a bronze medal in the re-run of the 5,000m wheelchair race.

She won a silver medal in the original race on Monday, but had to give it back after three countries asked for a re-run because of a crash near the finish.

Lots of athletes smashed into each other and some competitors were hurt.

On Friday, Woods finished behind Amanda McGrory and Diane Roy, who originally won bronze and gold medals, but said she was still happy with the result.

"This one, no-one can take it off me," she said. "This is my favourite event and to win a bronze at the Paralympic Games is a dream come true.

"It's amazing. The first time I was ecstatic, but this one's for real. It's been a crazy few days. Dealing with the emotions has been really difficult but I wanted to do myself justice."