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Last Updated: Friday September 12 2008 05:30 GMT

In pics: New computer game controlled by mind power

Ricky gets ready to try out the virtual world

Computer games can be great fun, but the way you play them is always changing. Ricky tried out a brand new game that works using the power of your mind, instead of a controller!

Ricky tries out the head set

Check out that head set! It's called NeuroSky and has three sensors that pick up on your brainwaves to see how relaxed you are and whether you're paying attention.


The more you concentrate, the better you'll do. These graphics show your levels of concentration and relaxation... Looks like Ricky should be trying a bit harder!

Ricky gets stuck into the virtual world

You can still use a keyboard to move your avatar in the virtual world, but when it comes to pushing or pulling things around, it's all about your mind power.

Ricky adjusts his headset

The technology is still pretty new and even though Ricky tried really hard, he said it didn't always work.

Ricky gets a hand adjusting his head set

But developers are adjusting the technology all the time and it's hoped that as well as making gaming more fun, it could also help with things like medical training in the future too.