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Last Updated: Thursday September 11 2008 11:19 GMT

In pics: YOUR views on CCTV in schools

Ore with a group of kids

More and more schools are using CCTV cameras in playgrounds, corridors, classrooms, and even toilets! But how do YOU feel about being watched all the time? Ore went along to a school to ask...


Alexander said the main reason for the cameras is not to watch people, but to make sure they're safe.


Rhia thinks they're a good idea too. She said: "If I park my bike up in the bike racks, there's a CCTV camera right outside so you can see if anybody is vandalising it or nicking them."


Johnathan told us: "It does make you feel safer, because if you're being bullied someone will know."


Alexandra reckons some people might feel they are being watched, but the cameras are there for a purpose.


Josh thinks CCTV cameras are good because nobody can blame you for something you didn't do!


And Megan agrees, she said: "It means that you don't get blamed for something you haven't done, because it's all on tape."