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Last Updated: Thursday September 11 2008 07:26 GMT

Free cook books for 11-year-olds

vegetables boiling in a pot

What are your cooking skills like, are you a whiz in the kitchen, or do you get into hot water boiling an egg?

Well, if you're an 11-year-old in England you could soon be getting a bit of a helping hand from the government!

Pupils are being given free cook books so they can learn how to make healthy versions of dishes like roast chicken and apple crumble.

The books are part of a scheme costing millions of pounds, to get kids eating healthily to help fight obesity.

Plans also including building new teaching kitchens in schools, and training more teachers to teach cooking.

And from 2011 all pupils aged 11-14 will have to have cooking lessons.

Ed Balls, the government minister in charge of schools, children and families, said everyone should be able to make basic, healthy meals from scratch.

Mr Balls said parents should also try and get kids to cook at home.

He said: "It will be great if young people had the chance to make healthy dishes from basic ingredients at home, not simply in the classroom."

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