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Last Updated: Tuesday September 09 2008 15:54 GMT

Girl sucked into underground pipe

Leona and her mum

We all know to keep away from fast flowing rivers, but a three-year-old girl was playing in a puddle when she got into trouble in the floods.

Leona was splashing around in what looked like shallow water, but it was covering a drain, and the cover had floated off.

Leona was sucked into the underground pipe, but luckily her dad, Mark, worked out it was heading to the river.

He ran over and jumped in, and managed to haul Leona out of the deep water.

River Wear
Leona's dad pulled her out of the river
Leona, from North Yorkshire, suffered some cuts and bruises, and was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Doctors say she's got to stay there for a few days just to make sure she's ok.

But her mum Beverley says she knows Leona's well again, because she's been asking for extra chocolate and ice cream!