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Last Updated: Tuesday September 09 2008 19:10 GMT

In pictures: Giant panda cubs born in China

Sleeping panda cubs

A special centre in Chengdu in China is breeding giant pandas to one day release into the wild. Until then, these ones can relax in their cot!

Panda cub

This is a really tiny cub. It is much younger than the other ones and must stay in an incubator until it is a bit stronger.

Baby panda cub

Pandas are an endangered species so the work they do at the centre is very important. This one looks like it's waving 'hello'!

 Panda cubs being looked after

These two cubs are being washed and looked after by one of the workers. It's important the babies are kept clean and healthy.

Panda cubs in their cot

The workers take a well earned break as the baby pandas take a well earned, er...sleep!

Panda cubs being fed

It's feeding time! They must learn to wait their turn - no matter how hungry they are!

A Bao the panda

This is A Bao, he lives in a different breeding centre to the other cubs. His home is in the Shanxi province of China. He is only one month old, but doesn't seem camera shy at all!

Mother and baby panda

And here is A Bao having a cuddle with his mother Yalaoda.