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Last Updated: Tuesday September 09 2008 05:37 GMT

JK Rowling wins Potter court case

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has won a court case to get an unofficial Harry Potter encyclopaedia banned from being published.

Steven Vander Ark, aged 50, wanted to publish an A-Z of the world of Harry Potter, based on a website he created.

But Judge Robert Patterson ruled that JK Rowling had proven the publication of The Harry Potter Lexicon would cause serious damage to her work as a writer.

For many years JK Rowling had said she wanted to write her own encyclopaedia.

And she said she planned to give the money raised by this to charity.

After the verdict JK Rowling said: "I took no pleasure at all in bringing legal action and am delighted that this issue has been resolved favourably.

"I went to court to uphold the right of authors everywhere to protect their own original work. The court has upheld that right

"Many books have been published which offer original insights into the world of Harry Potter. The Lexicon just is not one of them."