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Last Updated: Monday September 08 2008 05:26 GMT

Boy misses school after hat row

Dale isn't going to school

A schoolboy is missing out on lessons, because of a row over a hat he wears due to a medical condition.

Dale, from Nottinghamshire, has alopecia, which is a medical problem he has that means his hair falls out.

Dale wants to go to school, but doesn't want people to see his head, so he decided to wear a baseball cap.

But his school has banned baseball caps, so Dale can't wear his. The school will let him wear a beanie, but Dale says they're not comfortable.

So now Dale, from Collingham, isn't going to school at all and is stuck at home.

Dale isn't going to school
Dale says the beanie is very hot, and wearing it makes a skin condition he has called eczema worse.

He added: "I just want to go to school like any other kid".

His parents say his medical problem means he should be treated as a special case, and the school should be more understanding.

Baseball cap is the problem

The school says it isn't wearing a hat that's the problem, just the baseball cap covered in labels.

The school does make exceptions for religious reasons and alters the dress code for that.

The head at Robert Pattison school says "baseball caps just give out the wrong impression".

Dale and his family hope they can find an agreement to the problem - before he misses any more school.