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Last Updated: Saturday September 06 2008 15:28 GMT

Flash floods strike north England

Cars on a motorway struggle with rain

Heavy rain and storms have caused flash floods in parts of the midlands and north England.

Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire have all been hit by floods, although things are getting better in Wales after heavy rain on Friday.

A 17-year-old girl was killed in mid-Wales when a car she was in turned over when trying to drive through a river.

More than 80 flood warnings are now in place in England and Wales, with five of them severe.

There are also two flood warnings in place in Scotland.

Some parts of Britain had as much rain fall in a single day as normally falls in a whole month.

Floods in Gloucestershire made delivering post difficult
Floods in Gloucestershire made delivering post difficult
Northumberland, North Yorkshire and Durham are among the worst affected areas.

On Friday some of the worst problems were in Wales, where the wet summer meant there wasn't anywhere for the rain to go.

The ground was already soaked with water, so river levels rose quickly.

Now the rain has stopped those rivers are slowly returning to their normal levels, but more rain is expected during the rest of the weekend.