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Last Updated: Sunday September 07 2008 15:20 GMT

In pictures: Send us YOUR wet weather pics

Arjun picture from Newcastle

Arjun emailed us this photo from outside his house in Newcastle. He says it was raining for 36 hours in a row. CLICK ON THE LAST PAGE TO FIND OUT HOW TO SEND YOUR PICS!

Vicky's garden in Northumberland

Northumberland was one of the areas worst hit by the rain. 12-year-old Vicky sent this picture of her back garden.

Jordan's photo

Jordan, 11, took this pic of a road near Blyth.

Henry and George's tennis club in Birmingham

Normally this pond is the tennis club that Henry and George use in Birmingham. Not sure the ball is going bounce that well at the moment...

Tom's wellies in Northumberland

Tom, 11, braved the rain in Northumberland. Luckily he'd remembered to put on his wellies before he went out.

Alice's house in Shropshire

Shropshire looks like it got pretty wet at times. 10-year-old Alice sent us this pic of a pretty wet looking room.

Artjom from East London

Artjom, 8, from East London made sure he stayed dry by taking this photo from indoors.

Natasha's house

The rain caused a flood right behind Natasha's house. The water leaked into her garden and rushed down the steps.

A bridge

And you wouldn't want to be walking or driving under this bridge that Sian spotted.

Floods in Aberdare, south Wales

Melissa, 14, sent in this picture of Aberdare in south Wales.

feet in floodwater

Melissa and her friends had to walk through this much water to get home from school!


The bad weather's hit the north of England too, check out this downpour in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, sent in by 10-year-old Jonathon.

Stormy weather

And it looks like a storm's brewing in Danby in north Yorkshire too! This gloomy pic was sent in by Holly.