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Last Updated: Friday September 05 2008 14:26 GMT

Big storms cause chaos in Britain

Fire engine trying to get through the floods

Parts of Britain are being battered by storms, with strong winds and heavy rains causing chaos in some parts of the country.

The storm is sweeping in from the Atlantic, so experts say south west England and Wales will be worst hit.

Downpours have caused flooding in some places where the ground was already swamped after days of rain.

People are being warned to expect two weeks of rainfall in the next 24 hours in some places.

On Thursday, fire crews and council workers were called to homes in Gloucestershire in England after flash floods, and some roads in the area are under water.

Car in flood waters
Drivers are being told to be careful
Roads are also flooded in some parts of Wales, and one man had to be airlifted to safety after he got trapped in a river in the county of Powys.

Later on Friday, the downpours are expected to move north towards Northern Ireland and the south of Scotland.

But by Sunday the storms should have died down, and there should be much drier weather for everyone.