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Last Updated: Thursday September 04 2008 10:33 GMT

In pictures: Huge storms still causing problems

People returning to New Orleans

People in America are heading home after being told to leave their houses ahead of Hurricane Gustav.

People returning to New Orleans

And it's taking them a while. Almost two million people moved out of their homes before Gustav struck, hoping to avoid the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

A home destroyed by Hurricane Gustav

This is the type of damage that some people will be returning to.

An open restaurant in New Orleans

This sign is outside a restaurant in New Orleans. Not everywhere is open yet, so the places that are ready for customers have to let people know.

Hurricanes seen on a satellite image

Hurricanes and tropical storms are queuing up to strike the Caribbean and America. Gustav, Hanna and Ike can all be seen and another storm, Josephine, is building further out.


But while America recovers from Gustav, Haiti is dealing with Tropical Storm Hanna. It's the third heavy storm in three weeks.


So far as many 170 people have been killed in Haiti by the storms. Now with more on the way the country's president, Rene Preval, is warning of a "catastrophe".