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Last Updated: Wednesday September 03 2008 13:29 GMT

Trapped terrier's amazing rescue

The trapped dog (Photo: Boris Lasserre)

A dog is recovering at an animal hospital after he tumbled down a steep canal and got trapped behind a ladder.

Luckily, a cyclist spotted the terrified terrier, and called the emergency services.

Officers from the fire and rescue service lowered a boat onto the canal and rowed up to the frightened animal, and managed to free him.

The dog was shivering with cold and had scuffed his nails trying to scramble out of the water.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Boris Lasserre, said he hoped dog owners would learn a lesson from the rescue.

The dog on the boat (Photo: Boris Lasserre)
He said: "We would dearly like to reunite dog with owner.

"The dog was wearing a black collar, but sadly as he was not microchipped we have no idea whom he belongs to.

"Apart from his scuffed paws he is in good health."

Mr Lasserre also thanked West Midlands Fire and Rescue service. He said: "We do rely on them during difficult rescues and this was one such rescue where a dog's life was in very real danger."