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Last Updated: Wednesday September 03 2008 13:17 GMT

In pics: Terrified terrier rescued from canal

The dog (photo: Boris Lasserre)

This poor little pooch had a terrifying time when he tumbled into a canal and got trapped behind a ladder.

The dog stuck down a ladder (photo: Boris Lasserre)

Luckily a passing cyclist spotted the frightened terrier, and phoned the emergency services.

Officers in front of a fire engine (photo: Boris Lasserre)

Officers from the RSPCA and the fire service quickly arrived at the scene... but then they had to work out how to reach him.

Dog being rescued (photo: Boris Lasserre)

They decided to use a boat, and lowered one into the canal.

Rescuer in the boat reaching out for the dog (photo: Boris Lasserre)

They rowed up to the terrified terrier, and reaching over, they managed to free him.

Rescuers freeing the dog: (Photo: Boris Lasserre)

Carefully they lifted the dog, which was shivering with cold, onto the boat.

Dog in the boat (photo: Boris Lasserre)

They rowed the terrier back to safety, and it is now being cared for by the RSPCA, who are trying to find out who it belongs to.