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Last Updated: Friday September 05 2008 06:47 GMT

In pics: Your thoughts on the Paralympic Games


You may have been glued to the Olympics, but the excitement's not over, with the Paralympics kicking off on Saturday. Kelley is really looking forward to the swimming...


But Michael said: "My favourite sport is darts - I wish that the Paralympics had darts as a sport!"


Nathaniel said it's a really important sporting event. "It brings disabled people and able-bodied people together. If there wasn't a Paralympics, disabled people would be left out."


Tilly said everyone can join in and have fun. She said: "I do swimming every Wednesday and I can't wait to see how Eleanor Simmonds does."


Edward's really excited about the swimming too. He said: "I can't wait for the swimming to get going. I go swimming a lot with my sister Tilly, we race every Sunday."


Greta said: "I think it's great because everybody can join in."


Lucie said: "I think David Weir is going to to really well at the Paralympics. I train three times a week - I've got the same coach as David Weir."