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Last Updated: Wednesday September 03 2008 11:33 GMT

New big storm strikes Caribbean

Mess left by Tropical Storm Hanna

Another huge storm has smashed into the Caribbean - this time called Tropical Storm Hanna - killing 21 people.

At the moment it's not as powerful as a hurricane, but there are worries it will get stronger as it blows its way towards America.

Last week Hurricane Gustav blew through the Caribbean and southern America, forcing thousands to leave their homes.

And Hanna isn't the last of the bad weather, as two more major storms, Ike and Josephine, are on the way too.

So many storms form around this time every year in this region that it is called hurricane season.

A satellite image of Tropical Storm Hanna
They all travel on a very similar route, so the same places often get hit again and again.

More than 100 people have been killed on the island of Haiti in the past three weeks, with Hanna following close after Gustav and Tropical Storm Fay as well.

Josephine is the 10th tropical storm of the season so far.