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Last Updated: Wednesday September 03 2008 12:52 GMT

Keegan still boss says Newcastle

Kevin Keegan

Newcastle United has said Kevin Keegan is still the manager of the club, just a day after it seemed as if he wasn't.

On Tuesday afternoon it was being reported that Keegan was no longer in charge, because he wanted more say in buying and selling players.

But now a statement from Newcastle says Keegan is still in charge: "He has not resigned nor has he been sacked."

Even so, it is still not clear if Keegan will stay in charge of the first team for much longer.

Keegan only became manager in January, but on Tuesday it seemed as if he had resigned.

A number of football experts said it was because the club had sold players he wanted to keep, and didn't buy others he wanted to bring in.

However, at no point was it confirmed by Keegan or the club that he had left.

Fans want him to stay

One thing is certain - lots of fans of the club seem sure Keegan is the best man to be in charge of the club.

Fans holding a Don't Go KK sign (Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire)
Magpies fans don't want Keegan to go
Some of them spent time outside his house on Tuesday, holding signs begging him not to go.

If Keegan does leave St James' Park, it will be the end of his second spell in charge.

In 1997, Keegan left fans stunned when he quit as the team's boss, leaving the team fourth in the Premier League table.

This season the club have picked up four points in their three opening games, and are 11th in the league.