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Last Updated: Monday September 01 2008 13:47 GMT

Japan kids take on robot contest

Robots compete in Japan

Children in Japan have been putting their robot building skills to the test as they battle to qualify for the World Robot Olympiad.

More than 80 teams took part in the contest in Tokyo, each building a robot that had to be able to work its own way around a course, and complete tasks.

One of the organisers of the event says one of the aims of the competition is to get children interested in science.

Now 24 teams will go on to take part in the world event in November.

Robots compete in Japan
One of the boys whose team made it to the World Robot Olympiad said he was pleased to get his robot into the competition.

He said: "At the world championships, we will have to write a program on our own during the competition. That's why we'd have to work harder."