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Last Updated: Friday August 29 2008 12:22 GMT

UK's first fake surf reef on way

Work starts on the artifical reef

Surf's nearly up! Work's started to set up the first fake surfing reef in Europe, which should DOUBLE the size of the waves.

Bad weather had delayed laying the 2.68m structure, but it's hoped it will stay calm while it's completed.

The artificial reef in Bournemouth on the south coast should be ready for surfers to ride the waves in October.

Surf expert Paul Clarke said it would turn knee-high waves into head-high waves that were perfect for catching.

This will be only the fourth artificial surf reef in the world.

Work starts on the artifical reef
This sand will make up the reef
The others are in Perth, Australia, and there are two in California in America.

The massive structure is being dropped on the seabed 225m out to sea off Boscombe Beach and then divers will attach it to 10 tonne anchors.

The bags will then be pumped full of sand to form part of the bottom layer which will level the sea bed.