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Last Updated: Friday August 29 2008 08:17 GMT

In pics: Flooding 'calamity' in India

People walking through floods

The Indian prime minister says heavy rains have caused a "national calamity" in the northern state of Bihar.

Man walking through floods

They happened after heavy rain caused the Kosi river to burst its banks, sending huge waves of water out onto the land.

People waiting to be rescued

India has a rainy season every year, but these floods are thought to be the worst in more than 50 years.

Woman standing outside her house

Fifty-five people have died, and two million people have been left homeless...

people being rescued.

At least 90,000 people have been rescued.

But mastranded people

But many thousands are thought to be still stranded.

Indian villagers make their way along submerged railway tracks

And fields of crops have been destroyed.

People in a boat

People now have to use boats to get around.

People recieving food

The Indian government has announced millions of pounds in aid, and people are being moved to temporary shelters.


But more rain is expected, and there are fears that more people could die.