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Last Updated: Thursday August 28 2008 15:10 GMT

Thumb cut off on vandalised slide

Leon's thumb was badly hurt Photo: Manchester Evening News

A six-year-old boy is recovering after a nasty accident when his thumb was torn off on a vandalised slide.

Leon was going down the slide when his right thumb caught on the side and it was sliced off.

Surgeons at a Blackpool hospital in the north-west of England battled for five hours to try to re-attach it, but he's been told he may lose part of it.

His mum and dad want to warn other kids about the dangers of playing on equipment that's been vandalised.

Leon was with his 23-year-old step-sister Hayley at the time of the accident. She put the thumb in a bag of ice.

A council official in Blackpool, Lancs, said they were really sorry about the accident: "It looks like the handrail on the slide had been vandalised. We repaired it and will continue checking play equipment regularly."