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Last Updated: Thursday August 28 2008 13:57 GMT

Welsh county top of happiness map

Powys (left) and Edinburgh

What makes YOU happy, doing well at school, hanging out with your mates or is the sun coming out enough to make you smile?

Well, where you live could have something to do with how happy you are.

Researchers have drawn up a map showing how happy people are in England, Scotland and Wales.

At the top of the list is the Welsh county of Powys, but people in the city of Edinburgh in Scotland are said to be the most miserable.

Researchers from the universities of Sheffield and Manchester drew up the map using information from a survey of British households.

Smiling girls
What makes YOU smile?
Taking into account things like jobs, health and education, the team found the area of Brecknock, Montgomery and Radnor in Powys was the happiest place.

But the researchers say what your life is like is more important in making you happy than where you live in the country.