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Last Updated: Friday August 29 2008 11:07 GMT

Sportsround presenter Abs

Sportsround presenter Abs

What is your favourite sport?
Tough one! I love watching any sport, particularly if it's live. As far as playing sport goes I'd have to say hockey, skiing and cricket are right up there. But I also love tennis, golf and rugby.

Who is your sporting hero?
I think Tiger Woods is in a different league. I love his professionalism. He's that good for a reason, he's put in the hours off the course.

Which is your favourite sports team?
I support Everton in the Premier League and Harlequins are my local rugby team. I'll follow England or GB wherever they go in the world.

What is the best sporting event you've been to?
I was lucky enough to see the Cricket World Cup in 2007, which was in the Caribbean. I watched the Super 8s in Grenada and the atmosphere was something else. We ate and partied with the locals all whilst watching and playing cricket. I'll never forget it!

Which sport did you enjoy playing most at school?
Again cricket and hockey, but another sport I loved was cross-country. Weird I know! But I actually really enjoyed running around for hours and hours on end. I loved playing tennis as well, although I do have a temper like John McEnroe when things aren't going my way!!!

Sportsround presenter Abs

And which sport were you really bad at?
I'm still trying to get to terms with squash. It's really technical and you have to be super-fit to get around the court.

What hobbies do you have?
I enjoy cycling at the weekends and I love playing golf. I try and get out for a couple of runs in the week too, mainly because I still play hockey at weekends and need to stay fit. I tried wakeboarding for the first time this year which was awesome. Outside of sport though I just enjoy hanging out with my mates and catching up on everyone's news.

Why did you become a journalist/presenter and how did you get here?
I think to start with I just wanted to be on telly!!! You soon realise it's a bit more than that though once you're dropped in the deep end.

It's more about communicating with an audience, and that's something I've had to work hard at since I started in 2002. I actually started off as a runner making the teas!!! I love the variety of opportunities you get as a presenter.

I love not really knowing where I'm going to be from day-to-day or who I'm going to be interviewing. I'm lucky enough to be doing a job I really enjoy and that's all I've ever wanted.

Who is the best/most famous person you've interviewed?
As you can imagine there have been a few over the years, but my favourite has to be Jose Mourinho. He's got bags of personality and oozes confidence. I like that.

He even gave me a big hug at the end of our interview, which you don't see too often! So I took this as a compliment and a sign that he had enjoyed the whole experience!!