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Last Updated: Wednesday August 27 2008 14:26 GMT

Medallist stunned by welcome back

Scottish medallists (left to right) Chris Hoy, Ross Edgar, David Florence and Katherine Grainger

Triple gold medallist Chris Hoy said he was stunned by the huge welcome he got when he returned home to Scotland.

He said: "To come back home to the reception I've received - it's almost overwhelming. It has been incredible."

The cyclist is taking part in an open-top bus tour of Edinburgh, along with other Scottish Olympic heroes.

They are cyclist Ross Edgar, rower Katherine Grainger and canoeist David Florence who all won silver medals in the Beijing Games.

Chris said he hoped all the attention would give a boost to cycling and inspire more kids to give it a go.

City of Edinburgh Lord Provost George Grubb said: "Chris Hoy is now Scotland's most successful ever Olympian and everyone in Edinburgh is immensely proud of him."