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Last Updated: Wednesday August 27 2008 12:30 GMT

Big battle for YouTube top spot

Judson Laipply and Avril Lavigne from their YouTube videos

A huge battle's taking place online between a man with bendy knees and a girly rock star!

The contest is between popstar Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend video and one showing American comedian Judson Laipply dancing.

They're both hoping to be the first person to get 100 million hits on the video website YouTube.

Judson Laipply's Evolution of Dance video had held the number one spot on YouTube for just over two years.

But in July Avril's video from her 2007 hit took over the number one position.

Now Avril's got about 98,501,857 hits and Judson has about 96,908,330 - with both of them getting their fans to boost numbers.

It could be days or just hours before one of them reaches the 100 million target.

Money making

Technology expert Dickon Ross said that this was an unusual battle.

"Most of the videos that you see on YouTube are homemade videos and no one makes money out of it.

"But organisations and record companies are increasingly uploading their own products on top YouTube for people to view and Avril Lavigne's organisation stand to make £1m out of this one video."