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Last Updated: Wednesday August 27 2008 10:06 GMT

Barbie and Bratz in court

Barbie and Bratz dolls

You don't often hear about dolls in court, but that's exactly what's happened to Barbie and Bratz.

A court in America heard the man who invented the Bratz dolls came up with the idea while he was working for Mattel, the company which makes Barbie.

But he left and started working at another company, MGA Entertainment, which started making the Bratz dolls.

MGA Entertainment have now been told to pay the people who make Barbie around 50 million in compensation.


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Mattel told the court in California that the creator of the Bratz dolls, Carter Bryant, was working for them when he came up with the idea.

But MGA said he hadn't been working for Mattel at the time. Mr Bryant's worked for Mattel twice and he said he designed them while he was in-between jobs.

The Bratz dolls make millions of dollars ever year, so the court awarded the money to Mattel, to try and make up for losing out.