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Last Updated: Tuesday August 26 2008 15:19 GMT

Ore looks back at the Olympics

Ore tries out mountain biking

The Olympics are over and Newsround's Ore looks back at Beijing's highlights, and forward to London 2012.

The greatest show on Earth has come to a close and for a while it will feel strange to wake up in the morning and not see the BBC's Olympic monkey and everything that came with it for 16 amazing days.

From reading her blog, it sounds like Sonali had a wonderful time in Beijing living every day in the atmosphere and getting to meet these athletes up close.

Beijing blog
Sonali at the closing ceremony

But for most of us, we had to settle for the coverage on telly, on the radio, in the newspapers - the Olympics were everywhere.

We had Olympics fever and we're still four years away from having it on our own doorstep!

The moment we saw the all but perfect opening ceremony and the lighting of the Olympic torch live on Newsround, we knew we were in store for a really memorable Games.

Great hosts

It's easy to take it for granted. Hearing about it for so long, Beijing 2008 was set to be 'the best Olympic games ever' - it's certainly the best one I've ever seen.

China was a fantastic host country, but it's mostly thanks to seeing some of the best sporting sports performances you're ever likely to see, and what a privilege that was.

Michael Phelps celebrates winning the men's 100m butterfly on Saturday
Michael Phelps celebrates
Where were you when Michael Phelps became the greatest Olympian ever with his eight gold medals?

Or did you see it when Usain Bolt smashed three world records on the running track?

Were you blown away by his celebration dance, or did you think he should stick to running?

It's something you will have talked about with your mates and those memories will stay with you forever.


What about the long jumper from Panama, Irving Saladino?

Irving Saladino
Irving Saladino
He won his country's first ever gold medal and will have a whole sports complex named after him.

The idea of the Olympic spirit is something that can be quite hard to understand.

If you saw the women's 10m air pistol final where the bronze-medallist from Georgia and the silver-medallist from Russia shared a hug and smiled for the cameras, you'd definitely understand it better.

Silver medalist Paderina Natalia from Russia (L) and bronze medalist Nino Salukvadeze of Georgia hug
That Olympic spirit moment
They had put aside their countries' differences back home to be proud of their nations and enjoy representing them in front of the whole world.

One-off performances

Where do you start with Team GB? The greatest British Olympic team in 100 years. Quite simply, amazing.

The fact is that even though the Olympic Games happen every four years, you may never see such superhuman performances again. We can only hope.

Heroes return
Team GB land
The whole nation is proud and can't wait for London 2012. We should forget trying to be as good as Beijing, let's not even think too much about beating Russia or Australia in the medals table.

Because when the Olympics are in town, everybody really is a winner.