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Last Updated: Friday August 29 2008 09:24 GMT

Should kids get pocket money?


Researchers say kids in Britain are being given less pocket money than they were three years ago.

But it's not all bad news - although most parents give their kids less cash, they are forking out for expensive pressies like mobile phones.

So we wondered what YOU think about pocket money.

Do you agree kids are getting less than they used to, but being bought more expensive things?

And do you think having pocket money's a good thing, to help kids learn how to manage their money, or a bad thing?

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Your comments

In my opinion I would say it is up the parents. The reason for that being is because it is the money that THEY earned, right? So if they want to give you pocket money, they will. But if they would rather save your money and get the things you want then they shall. I think it's better for you to save money and only take about 10 when you go out with your friends. It's my opinion anyway, but I do think it is better to save.

Sarah, 12, Eastbourne, England

"I think it's really up to your parents to decide whether you deserve it. If you have been good or have done very well in school then yes you should have a treat but I don't think that you should get money more than once a week because it's just greedy. Also if you do get pocket money, then don't brag about it because there are lots of families which may not be as rich as you."

Becky, 12, Sunderland, England

"My pocket money is okay. I get my age per month but it is sort of pointless because whatever I want my parents buy me anyway."

Alice, 13, London, England

"I don't think you should because your parents give you a home, pay for food, education and clothes and you shouldn't be paid to help them. Think about Christmas and your birthday - all those gifts... Who paid for them?"

Cree, 13, Eastbourne, England

"I don't even get pocket money. My parents buy me stuff I really hate. If I had a choice I would have pocket money so I could choose what I like. But maybe parents should give 5-8 year olds more than 8-15 year olds because when we are older no-one will give us money when we are adults; we will have to earn it."

Anna, 11, North Wales

"I only get a small amount of pocket money but I don't mind because my parents take me out on day trips so it all works out in the end."

Kathryn, 10, Devon, England

"I think they should not because if parents keep giving kids money, sometimes not even for jobs, kids can get greedy then become mean to other kids who don't get pocket money and that is one way how we get bullies!"

Lilly, 10, Swindon, England

"Kids should get more pocket money instead of the parents buying things that maybe they don't want."

Natalie, 10, London, England

"I don't get a single penny for pocket money. I think you should perhaps get a small amount of money if you wish to get sweets or something from a shop, but I think pocket money is dumb. Why should your parents give you money?! They feed you, home you, clothe you and love you. What more can you ask for? I feel no need for pocket money."

Abigail, 12, Cambridge, England

"I get 20 a week for treats but my parents buy me things like clothes, as well as getting me a present every month. I know a lot of people think that is a lot but all of my friends get that much money."

Oliver, 12, London, England

"You can't expect to get money for helping around the house. Your parents give you a house, a bed, food, toilet and hygiene facilities, and in return you help them round the house. It's not much compared to your parents who probably work at least five days a week from 9:00 to 5:00 and spend a lot of their money on you. People don't realise how much their parents actually spend on them."

Jordan, 11, Newcastle, England

"I think that you should have pocket money because if there is something you want you will have to nag your mum and dad."

Thomas, 13, Oxford, England

"We only get 2 a week so we think 6.13 is definitely enough anyway. We think that anything over 4 a week is too much money."

Charlotte and Katie, 11, Peterborough, England

"People who have grown up and been given money will never know how much life costs. Some people even get given money to buy their parents' presents for Christmas. This makes a present worthless. Last Christmas I saved for a year and got my mum a necklace. She was shocked because it cost me 55. When I am older I will be an entrepreneur. I don't want a normal job because you can't get rich. I already have 5,000 and I made it all myself. I give my parents pocket money."

Ryan, 12, Luton, England

"I don't get pocket money but I wish I did. My parents bought me my mobile for my birthday but I have to buy my own clothes etc. I'm just expected to help around the house and I don't get any money for it. I end up having to use my birthday money from my relatives to buy stuff all year round. But if I run out, I can't get anything and my parents won't let me borrow any money, so I can't go anywhere with my friends because I can't afford it and I'm too embarrassed to tell them."

Sarah, 13, Bristol, England

"I don't get any pocket money and I never have! But I don't really mind because my parents just buy me things that I need so there's no need for them to give me money. I help my parents lots but I don't mind doing it for no money."

Sarah, 12, Surrey, England

"I think kids need pocket money so we can learn to decide on what WE want to buy instead of just being given money to buy different things. But it is fair we should do some work to earn it or else we are paid for nothing!"

Georgina, 11, Cornwall, England

"I think kids should get pocket money, just not too much. It will give kids practice on how to handle money, which can be useful later in life. It's also important to treat yourself now and then."

Anna, 12, London, England

"I think kids should have pocket money! I don't get any and I find it difficult to fit in with friends who have lots of money! Kids should also learn how to save up money for more expensive things and having pocket money gives them an early chance to learn this vital skill for future life!"

Jamie, 12, Germany

"I don't get any pocket money and I still get on with the world perfectly fine."

Finn, 11, Scotland

"I don't get pocket money OR lots of presents. I usually get sweets at least twice a week and I get a lot of stuff for Christmas and my birthday but that's about it. But I'm not really bothered because my parents said they will pay for when I go to university and that's worth way more than pocket money."

Jordan, 11, Newcastle, England

"Yes, I think we should because we go to school six hours a day, five days a week so we should get paid to do that."

Rachel, 11, Scotland

"I get 10 a week because my dad doesn't live with me. It's his way of providing for me."

Natasha, 11, Swansea, England

"I don't even get pocket money because I think that with the credit crunch it is harder for my parents to give me large amounts of money each week so getting money is a treat for me."

Amy, 11, Southampton, England

"Parents have to work to get money so it's not fair how they pay for food, taxes and bills and then have to give out around 5 a week to you. You should work for money and if you aren't old enough to have a job then help around the house. And parents giving you money so you can save up for things like mobiles is just the same as them buying them for you."

Sophie, 12, Sheffield, England

"I think children should get pocket money. It's up to their parents how much but I think more than 3."

Dallian, 9, Chelmsford, England

"I get 1.75 every week and that is fine for me!! Most people get 6.13 a week! That is ridiculous."

Reuben, 11, Kent, England

"In the report that I just watched, people were complaining about how much money they get and saying that people should only get money for doing chores. But I expect that these people don't have to pay for the stuff they want to buy that aren't sweets. I get 50 a month but I have to pay for everything - including my phone bill, home clothes and school clothes. I even had to buy my own guitar. I think this system works better because it gives you a sense of responsibility."

Connie, 14, Reading, England

"It's good because you learn from a young age how to handle money so when you go to uni you won't be stupid with it and spend it all on useless stuff."

Anna, 11, Edinburgh, England

"Kids should get more pocket money because if they do jobs sometimes their parents don't give them enough for what they do."

Rebecca, 9, Harrogate, England

"I think kids shouldn't get a pocket money because we get a lot of money spent on us anyway, like getting new clothes and things like computer games. I think if you earn money by doing chores it's fine, but otherwise I disagree."

Esther, 12, Lincolnshire, England

"I feel that pocket money should be limited, but still to be given as it develops a sense of business and money-saving or economics. That's an excellent way to give children an air of independence."

Chrissy, 11, Crewe, England

"I think we should because we can only earn money by doing chores and that's not enough if we have a target."

Oliver, 12, Bedfordshire, England

"I think kids should have pocket money but if they want more they have to work for it."

Joe, 11, Guildford, England

"I think kids should get pocket money so they can buy things with their own money. But they should only get it if they help around the house. I get 3 a week for helping around the house."

Sara, 11, Southampton, England

"In my opinion, 6.13 is too much. And I don't think it's a good idea to give children too much money because they always end up wasting it. So it means that their parents are working hard on things their children waste money on. Instead it would be better to save up to buy better things like a pet etc. The occasional treat is OK."

Charlotte, 12, England

"I think children should get a reasonable amount of pocket money. That way, they would look after their belongings more often."

Hannah, 14, London, England

"I think that it's a good idea that kids are getting less pocket money, because they might spend it on things like junk food, but they might be trusted so parents should make sure what the kids are going to do with it first!"

Emily, 9, UK

"I don't think children should because do parents get paid for doing house chores?"

Gareth, 10, Exeter, England

"Kids don't really need pocket money. Why don't you just ask your parents for the money you need and tell them what it's for? If your parents think it's a bad idea then they won't give it to you. You may think it unfair but in the end your parents are just trying to do what's best."

Chantelle, 10, Manchester, England

"I think children shouldn't get pocket money. It's a bad way to help kids learn how to manage their money because most kids use their pocket money for games."

Sandy, 11, South Korea

"I am never given pocket money unless I ask for some but I never like to ask. Our parents have enough money issues without having to give us some every week. Besides, they already spend enough on our clothes, food and Christmas/birthday presents, anyway."

Rosalea, 12, Wolverhampton, England

"I think 6.13 is ridiculous for an average every week. It should be 6.13 every other week."

Molly, 12, Northern Ireland

"Kids should have pocket money because when you have to save up for something you really want you appreciate it more and you get more pleasure out of it."

Chris, 11, Coventry, England

"I think that we should get pocket money so that we can buy sweets."

Charlotte, 13, Northampton, England

"I don't think that children should get pocket money because most people just spend it all on sweets and chocolate! And with prices so high at the moment... I really think that children's pocket money should be used on other things, like the daily shopping of groceries."

Jennifer, 11, London, England

"Kids should get pocket money until they are old enough to work. Then if they want money they have to get a job."

Alice, 14, Worcester, England

"I don't get regular pocket money because my Mum cannot always afford to, but she does buy me expensive presents when she can. I am lucky to have my own mobile phone and Wii. My Grandma and family friends give me money sometimes."

Henry, 9, Northampton, England

"I do not even get pocket money so if I can manage I'm sure everybody else can."

Felix, 11, Sheffield, England

"We should not have pocket money because it does not teach us how to use it rightly. If we just get given money then we will expect it for nothing when we are older. You should get a job instead because it will also teach you about finance."

Alice, 12, Leicester, England

"I don't get pocket money anymore. I used to get it for helping around the house but as I am always out with my friends or chatting on MSN I don't. I sometimes get money but as I don't get pocket money all the time, I have to make the money I do get last. If I got pocket money regularly then I would just spend it and then wouldn't really save up for anything. I think that it is better off that way because I learn how to make the money that I do get last and I don't think that many kids can actually manage to do that."

Bex, 12, Hampshire, England

"As long as it's earned. Kids shouldn't just expect it whenever. Kids need to earn it!"

Terri, 12, Leeds, England

"Yes. We need it to treat ourselves; young kids can't get a job."

Chris, 11, York, England

"Kids should have some money because we need to treat ourselves as well. I only get 1 a week, the same as my seven year old sister, which I do think is a bit unfair but you have to be happy with what you get, anyway."

Bethany, 13, Scotland

"All my friends at school get it but I don't. I'm not too bothered about it because my mum and dad pay for my dance lessons and some of the expensive things I ask for are bought for birthdays and Christmas."

Catherine, 14, Rochdale, England

"I think it's an important skill to learn to save up money and occasionally be treated rather than being spoilt rotten and always relying on your parents. My parents tell me that if I act like a responsible young adult, like doing my own ironing, I'll do better in the future. My parents are pretty wise and it can be annoying, but it's nice because TREATS are actually treats, not just getting something like everyday!"

Mima, 12, Plymouth, England

"I do get pocket money but it gets paid into a savings account so I am restricted in that way, but my account has a card, so when I go out with friends I can just go to a cash point and draw it out. I like it this way because it makes me feel responsible and independent."

Lizzie, 13, Solihull, England

"I don't get pocket money because my family can't afford it but I don't mind... Some children are spoilt, getting new clothes and make-up every few days. It's NOT SOMETHING YOU NEED!"

Sophie, 12, Newcastle, England

"I think that kids don't need pocket money. I don't get any and I'm fine without any. Most kids will spend it on unnecessary things. You should only get given money when you need it, such as for the bus to school or dinner money."

Zubeida, 11, Birmingham, England

"I agree that kids should get more pocket money so that they can afford more ideal things to buy such as phones. I think that kids are getting less money because parents are not able to afford it because of their jobs."

Laura, 13, Exeter, England

"I get around 12-15 a month depending on how I behave, which I am fine with and it's probably going up. I don't need that much money as my parents buy me stuff that I need."

Jonathan, 12, London, England

"I think we should get pocket money - it's like earning money for a job and helps us organise what we should and should not buy with our pocket money."

Rachael, 12, Sussex, England

"I think that kids should get pocket money but they shouldn't if they do expensive clubs or activities."

Chloe, 12, Dorset, England

"I am happy with my pocket money because I get 5 every day but if I'm naughty I only get 3."

Shaun, 10, Bolton, England

"Some people are very greedy with the money they get, although some are sensible and save up. I do chores around the house all the time and don't get any money. I suppose it depends on how many kids are in the family. I'm the eldest child and have two younger brothers. When I want money, I have to ask my nan and I have to have a good reason for getting money off her. It's really unfair."

Kayleigh, 14, Coventry, England

"The price of sweets and magazines goes up but pocket money does not. I get 2 a week and it takes a long time saving up!"

Emma, 12, Blackpool, England

"I get 20 a month but if it's gone, it's gone and I also have to save up to get people presents and for money to spend on holiday. If my school report's really good then I sometimes get a reward. I have to do some chores to earn it, though and I pay the rest back by loving my parents."

Elinor, 10, North Wales

"I don't get pocket money at all. It's really unfair. I think 6 is quite a small amount, personally. I say 10 a week should do it because you have to buy your family and friends' birthday presents, too."

Kirstie, 13, Warwickshire, England

"I think pocket money is a good thing, although younger children may not understand and spend it on worthless things. I know a five year old who gets 10 a week. Although she has rich parents I think it is a lot of money for her to get to grips with. I think for younger children a small amount of pocket money is good. I get 10 a month, which for me is enough. I either use it as credit or save up for something. At the moment I am saving up for McFly's new album. I find saving up for something from my pocket money and buying it myself makes me feel independent. I always do chores for my money, though."

Lizii, 12, Bournemouth, England

"I don't get pocket money; my parents just give me some spare change if they have some after work."

Ellie, 9, London, England

"Yes, children should get pocket money but only if they've been behaving or done something helpful, but instead of spending it they should save it until they're older. I get pocket money off my family and I try to save it; I would never spend it on sweets and things. On my birthday my grandmother puts my money in the bank and then she'll give it to me then when I'm older, like 18 or 17."

Deanna, 11, South Wales

"I think that 6.13 is a ridiculous amount of money, thought I can't say I wouldn't take it. Children should be allowed to have pocket money because it teaches them how to manage money. I've had pocket money since I was 8. When it started off I got 70p (measly!), 10p for each day. Over two years it's now gone up to 1 (still measly!). I would like an increase but my mum insists that I can't. I do get extra money for doing chores but this has only ever amounted up to another 1. Mum sells things on the internet for me but the most I've had is 13.27."

Becca, 10, Cumbria, England

"I get 1 a week if I do chores and that's only when my Mum remembers! I get annoyed when people whine on about 5 pocket money isn't enough - of course it is!"

Caitlin, 11, Derby, England

"No, we should not get pocket money because most of us kids are spoiled by our parents and do not even need money so it will be extra money to pay their bills."

Heather, 10, Liverpool, England

"I don't get pocket money. Instead I get better birthday presents and Christmas presents because of the money my parents have saved. I think parents should do that and not give pocket money because children waste their money on things they won't even use."

Ella, 11, North Wales

"I think kids should get a little bit of money and be allowed a treat every now and then."

Phoebe, 11, North Yorkshire, England

"I don't get anything and don't get too many treats but I'm not bothered about it."

Jordan, 14, Preston, England

"Of course we should! Parents tell us off when we ask constantly for stuff. If we didn't get any pocket money that would become more and more frequent!"

Matthew, 12, Sunderland, England

"YES! I got pocket money and it taught me to save. I saved 170!! Then I bought what I wanted, so if you save you get!!"

Jonny, 11, Leicester, England

"I think we should get pocket money, because it teaches kids the value of and how to handle money. That's a valuable skill that we need. I get 3.50 every Saturday."

Jade-Rhianna, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"I think kids should get pocket money every week up front. My parents only give me 5 a week if I do all these boring, time wasting chores! It's so annoying! Kids should have more freedom as well! I don't get expensive thing like mobiles. I just get my parents' old mobile, which is rubbish! I think pocket money is good. Kids can treat themselves, like an adult! Adults are always getting things that they like. They treat themselves so why not us?? LET US BE FREE! That's what I think!"

Tia-Jade, 10, Berkshire, England

"I do not think so because at prices as they are today, you can only get a bar of chocolate with a few pounds, not something you really want like an MP3 player or a PS3. I just ask my parents to buy something I want. It's easier."

Walid, 13, Manchester, England

"I don't think children have a right to pocket money. It is the parents' decision, though I do feel pocket money is good to encourage money management and self-discipline. Pocket money also assures the child that their parents feel that they are responsible enough to receive it, which helps to build a stronger, more trusting relationship."

Maddy, 14, Basingstoke, England

"I think a bit of pocket money is good for younger children to teach money management and also so they can treat themselves. As children get older I think they should be given more money but at the same time have to buy more things for themselves."

Georgia, 13, Newport, Wales

"I think children should not have pocket money because most kids spend it on sweets and obesity is a big problem at the moment!!!"

Madeleine, 12, Luton, England

"When you are about seven or eight you should get a little amount but as you get older you should get more."

Hannah, 12, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think kids should get pocket money from a certain age when they won't just squander it until they are 16... I still don't think they should get lots and they should help at home to get it or if they are naughty they shouldn't get it. I get 5 a week from Mum but I don't get mobiles as presents - that is CRAZY. Also, I think kids should work, like walking dogs, if they want more money than they get from their parents."

Emma, 14, Kent, England

"I think kids should get pocket money because then we can save up some expensive things so we don't have to keep nagging our parents to get them for us!"

Robyn, 12, Berkshire

"I think it's OK for children to get a bit of pocket money if they have earned it. If they don't get any pocket money then where are they going to get any money from? I get 3 a week for doing some chores around the house."

Jayne, 13, Scotland

"Yes, we should have more pocket money so we can buy stuff that we need and buy presents for people."

Sian, 11, Wales

"I think that kids should get pocket money so they can save up to get something they really want."

Stevie, 11, London, England

"I have pocket money but I save most of it up to buy mum and dad expensive gifts for their birthdays and Christmas! I get 1 a week but when I'm nine I'll get 1.50 a week, which is quite enough until I'm ten! I get 50p more every year until I'm old enough for a part time job. I also think that it is silly giving kids mobile phones but it is also quite safe because they might get lost but then so might the phones! Most girls in my class have phones but my mum says I can't have one till I'm 11! That is quite reasonable!"

Caitlin, 8, Wales

"YES, because it helps us learn about saving up money and other things. This helps for when we're older!"

Matthew, 12, Coventry, England

"I think kids that have been good should get given pocket money and naughty ones shouldn't. I have to do chores for mine. If I don't do the chores I don't get the money. It helps you learn that you have to work hard for things you want."

Sarah, 13, Doncaster, England

"I think kids should only get pocket money if they do chores."

Edna, 11, Newcastle, England

"I think a bit of pocket money is good for younger children to teach money management and also so they can treat themselves. As children get older I think they should be given more money but at the same time have to buy more things for themselves. For example, I get $70 [approximately 33] a month but this goes towards phone credit, friends' birthday presents and savings as well as sometimes treating myself. It makes me feel independent but my parents are always ready to help."

Anna-Rose, 13, Australia

"I think it's the parents' decision. I'm the oldest child in my family, and I have to help out with a LOT of the housework. I don't get any pocket money, and if I ask for it the excuse is the money buys my Christmas pressies. I would like to get a small amount of pocket money, as it makes me feel independent. I used to get a little bit of pocket money for stuff that my parents didn't want to waste their money on. I think getting too much pocket money is bad because it gives kids the impression that they can have whatever they want and that their parents will always give them money."

Shannon, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Yes, I think kids should get money because they can show their responsibility to their parents."

Saamiya, 12, London, England

"I think kids should get pocket money when they are old enough to understand money properly. I started getting pocket money when I was about nine or ten. Now I get 2.50 a week and this pays for EVERYTHING that I want but don't need. This includes things such as trips out, sweets and birthday presents for my friends. I even pay for my own mobile phone top-up. I think it is ridiculous that kids get on average 6.13 a week and get things such as mobile phones paid for on top of that! Children who get that are never going to learn how to manage money properly!"

Sarah, 14, Manchester, England

"I think that children should get pocket money. I can't complain because I get 10 a week but I do have to do jobs around the house to get this much."

Bryony, 12, Gloucester, England

"I think that it shouldn't be pocket money but a more structured allowance - you would get 10 to spend on going places and 10 on learning (per month) - the learning includes books and e-books and if you hate learning , you get it as an incentive. I HATE it when kids come to school padded out with the latest gadgets - they go off in lessons and are soooo annoying. It's just encouraging them to not learn so I think they should be given so much money and then anything else they want has to be educational or a treat - no more buying iPods for their kids - they don't know the value of money (unless it's for birthday etc.)"

Emma, 12, Gateshead, England

"I think that kids should get pocket money, but they should have to earn it. I have to do chores around the house to get my 5 a week, and it teaches me that I have to work to get my money. I usually save up to go out with my friends, because they all just get given their money!"

Lizzie, 12, England

"I think kids should get pocket money but have to save up for things they really want."

Angela, 11, Warrington, England

"I think that children should do chores for pocket money. I don't get it as my parents buy me stuff each weekend. I think that it's stupid that children are getting 5, 10 and 40 for doing nothing. I don't mean to be jealous of people that do get pocket money for nothing but I've heard that most people complain that their pocket money is too small. You're lucky to even have pocket money! I think that it's a good idea for children to do chores to get money."

Sam, 14, Nottingham, England

"I don't get pocket money. I think that children should put money into a bank account instead of getting pocket money; or, if they were to get pocket money, they should have to earn by chores around the house or something."

Isobel, 12, Norfolk, England

"I think children should get pocket money or they won't be taught how to spend it or save it and they'll think their parents must buy everything. Then when they get older they won't think to buy things like food and they won't know what to do if they come across something they want but can't afford. Also, if they don't get any and go out with friends, they'll feel jealous if their friend has money and they don't (when I go out with my best friend, I usually have more money than her, but we share)."

Lauren, 10, South Wales

"Yes and no. It's good for children to get pocket money because it means they don't have to keep asking their parents for money. It also gives us responsibility in keeping money for later in life. But I suppose no because your parents need the money, too. They don't have a limitless supply of it; being a parent is tough, after all."

Sophie, 12, Eastbourne, England

"Yes, I think we should get pocket money because otherwise we would have to pester parents to pay for things for us. We aren't allowed to work until we are 13 and even then it is not easy to obtain a job then because we can only work weekends."

Ellie, 13, Lincoln, England

"I think people should get pocket money but I think they should be ten years old or older. Any younger and they would just spend it on sweets and stuff."

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"I think it's OK but I don't think it should be more than 1.50 a week. Although some people only get about 50p a week! YIKES! But I don't get any."

Rosa, 9, London, England

"I get 5 a month. I'm happy with that. 6.13 per week is far too much in my opinion. Pocket money should be allowed but less than the average in the report."

Will, 11, Gloucester, England

"Yes, I think kids should get pocket money, until they reach a target. When they have, they can spend half and save half."

Lucy, 11, London, England

"I don't get pocket money but I don't hate other people getting it but if someone was given an unreasonable amount I would mind. One girl in my class gets 300 a week."

Genevieve, 10, Wirral, England

"I get pocket money by doing chores around the house but I don't spend it on sweets and I think children should get pocket money once in a while to get themselves a little gift."

Beth, 11, Cornwall, England

"I think it's important that children should get pocket money, as it helps them learn to manage funds and it could help them steer away from debt. But I don't think it's OK to give them extreme amounts because then they don't understand the true value."

Mi, 14, Lincoln, England

"Well, I get 2 from my mum and grandma and I find it quite a lot. Plus there's birthdays and Christmas you get a lot spent on you then and you should not be greedy if you're asking for more. That's my opinion, anyway."

Rebecca, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"I find if my dad gives me my pocket money every three to four months, I put most of it into my bank account but save some of it for my purse, so I can spend a bit of my money but not too much. And it means you can save up for something special or just keep your savings! It gives you a bit of freedom from asking your mum or dad for everything."

Beatrice, 12, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I don't think we should get anything if we don't earn it - why should we get money if we aren't doing anything?"

Alex, 14, England

"I don't get given pocket money because my parents buy me stuff when we go to the beach or when we go shopping. Sometimes we get given a bit of pocket money when we do housework, which is a good thing."

Ashleigh, 13, Spain

"Yes, we need money to treat ourselves. I get 40 a month for clothes, new makeup and other stuff I need."

Jess, 13, Lancaster, England

"I think that children of today are spoilt! They get far too much expensive stuff and are growing up too fast for their own good. However, I think we should be allowed pocket money because when you are about twelve, you go out with your friends and then you can spend that money. I get 1 a week usually, which is great and just right. I also think that many parents are silly giving their kids mobile phones when they are young. They shouldn't have them until they are at least sixteen!"

Olivia, 11, Bury, England

"I think children should get pocket money, but if their parents only give it to them only if they do a chore, then the kids might think they are only doing the chores for the pocket money, not because it is their duty."

Nadia, 10, London, England