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Last Updated: Friday August 22 2008 06:18 GMT

Reade crashes out of BMX final

Laetitia le Corguille passes Reade on the track after her fall

Britain's Shanaze Reade has had her dreams of Olympic gold shattered after she crashed out of the women's BMX final with just 10 metres to go.

The world champion was in second place going into the last bend, when she tried to pass the only bike in front.

But Reade clipped the back wheel of France's Anne-Caroline Chausson, and tumbled from her bike.

The 19-year-old hurt her hand and has a sore back after her fall, while Chausson went on to win gold.

Laetitia le Corguille, also from France, took silver, and America's Jill Kintner was third.

Sonali speaking to Shanaze Reade
Sonali spoke to Reade after the race
Newsround's Sonali spoke to Reade moments after the race, and asked her how she was feeling.

She said: "I am pretty disappointed. I put absolutely everything into this race.

"There's nothing else I could have done.

"I put everything in, and it just didn't pull off today."

Reade had been favourite to win gold.

The crash was her third tumble in six rides at the Beijing Games.

It's the first time the BMX cycling event has been part of the Olympic Games.