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Last Updated: Thursday August 21 2008 18:19 GMT

Why flying is still a safe bet

Adam with John Strickland

Plane crashes are very rare, but when one does happen it makes people more worried about flying.

Plane expert, John Strickland, told Newsround why going on a plane is the safest way to travel...

"Millions of flights are made every year - thousands every day in the UK alone. It is still the safest form of transport, which millions of passengers rely on.

A big reason for this is because all planes are checked in between every flight they make. They are also checked when they have completed their day's flights. Planes also have really big check ups every so often, depending on how much they are used.

Making sure

Aircraft are made up of many different parts - they don't stay the same from the day they leave the factory to the day they stop flying.

A plane will be stripped down and put back together again many times. As well as this, people make sure that the safety checks are being done properly.

Safe hands

The pilots and cabin crew go through lots of training so they can operate the plane safely.

If any problems do happen, they are able to deal with them and make sure all the passengers get out of the plane.

Don't worry

It's important to remember that safety standards have always been very high for air travel - and these standards are increasing all the time, which means we can all feel confident about going on planes - even if, like me, you're a nervous passenger."