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Last Updated: Wednesday August 20 2008 16:32 GMT

Has Team GB inspired YOU to cycle?

Ricky with a boy

Team GB have been doing pretty well at the Olympics in Beijing, grabbing 37 medals so far.

Fourteen of those have gone to our cyclists, but why are we so good on bikes?

Newsround's Ricky went to Manchester - the home of British cycling - to find out...

You get to see all kinds of things working at Newsround, and with just four weeks into my new job they've already told me to get on my bike!

Luckily that didn't mean I was fired, I was sent to find out if more of you are talking up track cycling after Team GB's incredible performance at the Beijing Olympics.

The likes of Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton have helped Great Britain win eight gold medals in the cycling events so far.

I arrived at the Manchester Velodrome, the home to Great Britain's cycling team, where I also saw the Paralympic team go through their last few days of preparations before they head off to Beijing.

But they weren't the only ones there. I caught up with a couple of kids, and most of the young guys I spoke to had tried track cycling before.

Ricky sets off
They whizzed around the track at around 14 miles per hour, and did around 30 laps - pretty impressive!

There were also a few kids who had never tried out the sport, but were interested in having a go.

Thomas, 13, arrived to give the sport a go after watching Team GB's amazing triumph in Beijing.

He said he's going to start lessons when he gets back to school.

Then, as the clock hit two, it was my turn to step up and try out track cycling.

I can tell you that it is really exciting. As you go around the track you feel your mouth dry up as the adrenaline kicks in to your body.

Ricky exhausted!

I thought I managed to do quite well, but after about ten minutes I was knocked out with exhaustion.

I don't think I'm quite ready for the Olympics yet.