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Last Updated: Wednesday August 20 2008 14:41 GMT

Fine threat for street ball games

kids playing football

Do you ever enjoy having a kick-about with your mates in the street after school?

Well, spare a thought for kids in Nottinghamshire who've been sent letters from the council warning them they could be fined 100!

Council officials say they've had complaints from some residents about kids playing ball games.

They say it's illegal to annoy people who use the road, and that it's not very safe either.

Kids who're caught playing ball games in the road will be given warnings, but if they carry on they'll get into more trouble and could even be fined.

In a statement, Newark and Sherwood District council said:

"We're not intending to spoil anyone's fun.

However, we would recommend they use a nearby playing field where nuisance and damage to property can be kept to a minimum."

They say street games are causing a nuisance in the villages of Clipstone and Walesby.

However, some residents don't think the fines are a good idea, and have said the idea is "crazy" and "ridiculous".

Playing in the street
And campaign group Play England says that loads of adults used to play in the streets when they were kids, so you should be allowed to as well.

They reckon that the government, local councils and grown-ups should be doing more to make sure that streets don't turn into no-go zones.