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Last Updated: Thursday August 21 2008 10:16 GMT

I went on holiday with 80 family members!

A beach in Devon

Loads of you go on family holidays, but can you imagine going on a holiday with 80 of your relatives?!

That's what Press Packer Sarah did. Every year lots of her relatives get together for one big holiday!

Here's why she thinks it's so much fun.

"Having 80 family members in one place at the same time may seem like too many to spend time with over the course of a week.

Though really it hasn't ever seemed like too many to me.

I'd play with the little kids in the morning and afternoon, and talk to their parents too.

Surfing gran

In the evenings, while grown-ups would talk, the "older" kids would play cards and catch up, along with running from chalet to chalet.

Why I love coming to Westward Ho! in Devon is that there are so many things to do. Going surfing with my grandmother has been very fun this year.

Press Packer Sarah
Press Packer Sarah
Playing at all the amusements with my cousins is always a fun way to waste my money.

If any group activities are planned, they get posted on the notice board, such as the kids' races.

When everyone is together, we always have some laughs.

Keep going

When we were all getting our picture taken a dog was walking, stopped by the photographer, peed on his bag and walked away. We all burst out laughing.

The funniest part was that the photographer didn't notice!

I love our family reunion and hopefully, it will go on until my kids have kids!"

Sarah, 12, USA

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