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Last Updated: Monday August 18 2008 14:24 GMT

We've been hit by the floods

Clearing up from the floods in Northern Ireland

Torrential rain has caused terrible flooding in Northern Ireland.

It's been so bad that rivers have burst their banks, roads cut off and, as Press Packer George found out, even some houses were flooded.

"We had been away and we came back on Saturday and the whole house was flooded. I was really scared because the water was so high. It was past my knees!

We went back out and by the time we came back all the water was gone.

Even though the water was gone, everything was ruined. We didn't have any electricity and some of my clothes were ruined too.

Play out

When the electricity finally came on, we still couldn't watch TV because it kept making the electric go off. I can't even watch Rocky!

It's ruining the summer holidays because you can't even play out. It rains all the time especially at night.

I want to ride my bike with my mates, but I can't!

Second time

This is the second time this has happened to me. Last time, the water was so high outside that when we opened the door the water would come in.

Every time I wanted to get out of the house I had to use the window!

Lots of people

There are lots of people that come to my house to look at all the damage. I don't know how long it will take to get everything back to normal.

I just want my computer to work again."

George, 8, Belfast

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