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Last Updated: Monday August 18 2008 07:23 GMT

Severe floods in Northern Ireland

Flooded tunnel in Northern Ireland

Parts of Northern Ireland are still swamped with water after severe flooding over the weekend.

More than 6cm of rain fell there on Saturday and hundreds of homes have been badly damaged. Some people had to be rescued with lifeboats.

Many cars were stranded or abandoned and a tunnel in Belfast, which has only recently been built, was flooded by more than 7m of water.

Experts are now trying to find out why the underpass flooded.

People standing outside their homes
The flooding happened after nearly a month's rain fell in just a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

This meant that several rivers overflowed in counties Antrim, Down and Londonderry.

The clear-up operation has started but weather forecasters have warned more heavy rain is expected to fall there on Monday.