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Last Updated: Friday August 15 2008 10:00 GMT

Ore checks out some 'spy robots'

Ore in spy-mode

The army showed off some of their coolest gadgets at a village in Wiltshire.

They were the best 'spybots' around - machines that can fly or hover about quietly, and could be used in the future to get secret information.

Ore went along for Newsround - in a rather cool James Bond suit!

"The name's 'O'…'Ore O'!"

I like the name and, even if I wasn't sent on a secret mission by Newsround, it felt pretty good running around like a spy. The thing is I wasn't the only one on the look out…

Ore in his 'spy suit'
Ore in his 'spy suit'
In my profile for Newsround, I've said that my favourite gadget is an MP3 player that I'm hoping to buy really soon. But after coming back from this specially-built army village, I've now got too many gadgets to choose from.

Obviously no-one actually lives there and at times it was like walking around a ghost town, but I went on a day when the village was buzzing with spy robots.


These robots on show were really amazing. Eleven teams were involved in a competition to create the best gadgets that can be sent out to look for activity and send back information.

One of the 'spybots'
One of the 'spybots'
They all had cameras on them and were made with complicated but very clever technology - real robotic spies. The army hope the winner could help them in real live battle some time in the future. So if the army wants to use them, then you know they must be pretty good.

We were shown how all the robots worked and the hovercraft (or 'flying saucer') was very impressive, but it was really good to see some of the teams use their robots and gadgets together.


Ore interviews an army official
Ore interviews an army official
In fact, if the army thinks different robots could work together, they might use them to make the ultimate machine - sort of like a transformer! As well as the hovercraft, there were planes, buggies and also helicopters.

The winner of the competition will be announced on 19 August and we'll have to keep a look out for the army's latest recruit.

I can tell you that won't be me, I'll stick to reporting - my days as agent Ore O are definitely over…"

Ore x